Who Would Your Rather Draft: Wide Receivers from the Same Team Edition Part 2

I hope you took a moment to review the first 5 wide receiver tandems that I chose who I would rather draft. If you not, go back and check it out. It will help with your draft day decisions, I promise!


Read the exciting Part 1 of this article by clicking this link!


I have another 5 tandems that I think are worth talking about when you’re deciding who to draft. Just because the person is the number one on their team doesn’t mean that they should be the automatic target for your Fantasy Football team. Sometimes, waiting for the later round player will pay off in the long run!


Corey Coleman (ADP 10.07) vs. Kenny Britt (ADP 11.01)

Please refrain from throwing up in your mouth thinking about even drafting one of these guys. Someone from the passing game for the Cleveland Browns is always somewhat relevant. I don’t think either of these guys are going to be what Josh Gordon was in that one year he was amazing (seems like a million years ago right?), so don’t hold your breath for that!


Corey Coleman struggled through injuries in his rookie season to only muster 33 receptions for 413 yards and 3 touchdowns. Kenny Britt had a career year with the Los Angeles Rams last season, notching 68 receptions for 1,002 yards and 5 touchdowns over 15 games. While I’m not advocating to take either guy as the running backs are the players to own from Cleveland, I would take Corey Coleman over Kenny Britt. It comes down to the fact that Coleman knows the system and Britt’s season last year was a fluke in my opinion.


Demaryius Thomas (ADP 3.06) vs. Emmanuel Sanders (ADP 7.01)

Okay, we’re back to talk about players you’ll actually draft and start this year (sorry Cleveland). The Broncos starting wide receivers have been teammates for the last 3 seasons, and what a tandem they have been! Combined they have averaged 187 receptions for 2,526 yards and 14 touchdowns. In each of those seasons Thomas has outperformed Sanders, but it hasn’t been enough to give him the clear-cut advantage.


I would however take Demaryius Thomas over Emmanuel Sanders for the sole reason that Thomas is far more consistent than Sanders. Thomas is going to average somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 receptions for 80 yards every single week, and prior to last year would likely score you a touchdown each week. Sanders will have a game that is 10 receptions for 200 yards and a touchdown one week, but will follow it with three games of 2 for 20 yards. Sanders is boom/bust and I’ll take the “sure thing” in the 3rd round.


Keenan Allen (ADP 3.07) vs. Tyrell Williams (ADP 9.02)

The Los Angeles Chargers are going to be a much better team in 2017, as long as everyone stays healthy. Philip Rivers has not had this great of a receiving core in a long time, and I expect that he will know how to use them during the season. The passing starts with Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams. Allen has had injury struggles in the last two seasons, but appears to be fully healthy and ready to go this year. Williams took over as the number one for Rivers last year and did very well in the role.


My decision on who I would draft actually surprised me. I would wait and take Tyrell Williams in the 9th over Keenan Allen in the 3rd. In place of Keenan Allen, I would rather take Demaryius Thomas and Isaiah Crowell, who are going one pick before and after Allen respectively. In addition to that, I’m one of the Allen owners from last year who believed that he was going to be amazing because of the pace he had in 2015, and then he tore his ACL in the 3rd quarter of the season opener. With better options in the 3rd round, I’ll take Thomas and Williams over Allen and someone else in the 9th.


Julian Edelman (ADP 5.03) vs. Brandin Cooks (ADP 2.12)

This difference in ADP baffles me. I understand that Brandin Cooks in the “new hotness” that has come to New England and he’s going to be the second coming of Brady/Moss this season per everyone. Cooks is coming from a quarterback that threw the ball almost 700 times last year to one who was one a pace to throw it 576 times. That’s over 100 less targets for Cooks to even be considered for.


And beyond any other reason than the fact that his ADP is lower, I would wait and take Julian Edelman in the 5th over Cooks in the 2nd. His ADP being lower is nice, but Edelman is Tom Brady’s 1A receiver behind Rob Gronkowski in the offense. The targets will go to Gronk/Edelman first, to the running backs second, and then Cooks may get some targets.


Amari Cooper (ADP 2.05) vs. Michael Crabtree (ADP 4.10)

Every season is the season that Amari Cooper is going to break out, and this year is no different because it’s his 3rd year in the NFL. Michael Crabtree was left for dead after two terrible seasons in San Francisco after breaking out in 2012. Both players have a lot of success catching passes from Derek Carr, which I believe they will both continue that trend.


At the end of the day, Jay Ajayi and Michael Crabtree is more appealing to me than Amari Cooper and Carlos Hyde. Cooper is a bigger target for Carr in the red zone, and the difference yards and receptions is minimal that I wouldn’t hesitate passing on Cooper and taking Michael Crabtree from this tandem.


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