Who Would You Rather Draft: Wide Receivers from the Same Team Part 1

In some offenses, there are multiple players that you want to draft that will provide a lot of production for your Fantasy Football team. In some cases, there are multiple players at the same position that can be viable starters as either a starter or a flex player. In most scenarios, it’s multiple wide receivers that you could start.


The question for me becomes, “which one is a better value based on their average draft position?” I wouldn’t want to take two wide receivers from the same team because I wouldn’t feel comfortable starting both of them, so I want to take the one who will give me the most points based on their draft price.


Below are pairs of wide receivers that I believe are worth drafting and will likely be relevant for Fantasy Football owners during the season. Next to their names are the current ADP based on the time that I am writing this article. It is possible there will be changes in the ADP of the player between now and the time you draft, but there is likely going to remain the same gap between the higher drafted player and the lower one.


Golden Tate (ADP 4.12) vs. Marvin Jones (10.01)

Both Tate and Jones were signed by the Lions last season, and both were great for Fantasy Football owners at times during the season. Marvin Jones started off on fire while Golden Tate didn’t become relevant for owners until week 6. Tate averaged 11.8 yards a catch while Jones had 16.9. In an offense with Matthew Stafford who likes to throw the ball a lot, there is a lot of production to be had for the wide receivers.


As we have seen in the past, Stafford likes to target his number one receiver the most, and that person is Golden Tate. When I can get someone who has a ceiling of 100 receptions and 1,400 yards in the 4th round, it’s worth it over getting someone who has never had more than 65 receptions and has never reached 1,000 yards.


Randall Cobb (ADP 8.04) vs. Davante Adams (4.06)

This is the only battle that doesn’t feature the number one for their team. Jordy Nelson is the starter, and a wide receiver I feel should be drafted 3rd among wide receivers, so it comes down to the 2nd and 3rd options for an Aaron Rodgers led offense. This is one team that can have 3 relevant wide receivers for Fantasy Football.


Davante Adams’ 75 receptions for 997 yards and 12 touchdowns made him a must start each week. His almost 11 points per game based on just his receptions and yards average would make him a flex worthy option each week. The fact that he almost averaged a touchdown a game put him in the conversation as your number one receiver last season. Randall Cobb struggled with injuries last year, but the previous 3 seasons where he played at least 15 games he averaged 83 receptions for 1,023 yards and 9 touchdowns.


I don’t believe that Adams can repeat 12 touchdowns in 2017, but I do believe that Cobb could get his average stats. I would wait to take Cobb over Adams because there are a lot of other players I would rather have in the middle of the 4th round.


Stefon Diggs (ADP 5.12) vs. Adam Thielen (10.07)

The Minnesota Vikings went through some growing pains in 2016. The offense got a new quarterback about 5 seconds before their first game and the identity of the team changed when Adrian Peterson went down. Through the challenges they faced, Sam Bradford developed chemistry with both Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen.


Out of the two, I like Stefon Diggs more than Adam Thielen, and would easily take Diggs instead of Thielen. Diggs had some injury issues in 2016, but when he was on the field he was very productive. On a per game comparison, Diggs scored 3 more points a game than Thielen. I also buy into the third year break out, and that’s what season Diggs will be entering.


Michael Thomas (2.02) vs. Willie Snead (5.11)

In an offensive led by Drew Brees, you know there is going to be a lot of points to be had by the wide receivers. Michael Thomas came out of nowhere to be a number one receiver for a lot of teams last year. Willie Snead was pushed to the side while Thomas and Brandin Cooks took center stage in New Orleans. Now that Snead is the number two in town, it makes this match-up very interesting.


While Michael Thomas could be the next Antonio Brown or Odell Beckham Jr., I would wait and take Willie Snead at the end of the 5th. It comes down to what I would have to sacrifice to get the player. While I’m not enamored by anyone around where Snead is being drafted, I would rather take Jordy Nelson, DeMarco Murray, Jay Ajayi and Dez Bryant (to name a few) over Michael Thomas. While we saw the upside from Thomas last year, we have no idea how he’ll play when he’s the focus versus Brandin Cooks. I’ll take DeMarco Murray and Willie Snead over Michael Thomas and C.J. Anderson any day!


Terrelle Pryor (3.05) vs. Jamison Crowder (5.10)

This is one of the closet ADP’s that I have found between two wide receivers on the same team. Terrelle Pryor broke out last season and was at least a number two receiver for most owners. That was playing for the Cleveland Browns who are terrible. As the third wheel for the Redskins, Crowder finished with 67 receptions for 847 yards and 7 touchdowns. There is going to be a lot of production to go around when Kirk Cousins throws for almost 5,000 yards and the top two targets left in the offseason.


With all things equal (health mainly), I would take Jamison Crowder over Terrelle Pryor based on their ADP. It’s quite simple, Crowder has been in the system and has chemistry with Cousins. Pryor is a converted wide receiver who had a good season last year, but a good season with Cleveland is a meteoric season anywhere else. I would rather take Demaryius Thomas and Keenan Allen over Pryor, who are both being drafted after him.


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