Who Would You Rather Draft – Wide Receiver Edition

In every draft, you’ll come to a point where you have to make a decision on which player you want to take. It becomes very difficult when you know what position you need to take, but don’t know which player at that position you want to take. It becomes Sophie’s choice when there are two players you love but will only be able to draft one of them.


Each pairing at wide receiver that I have chosen have an average draft position (ADP) that is very close to one another. That means, whichever player you don’t draft will likely be drafted before you get your next selection. Let me try and help you determine which player will be the best option as your go for your Fantasy Football Championship in 2017.


Mike Evans vs. A.J. Green

Here is a battle of two players who are their respective quarterbacks’ favorite targets. Two very good offenses that will put up a lot of points in 2017. In reality, an argument could be made to take either one of these players over the other.


This decision boils down to a couple of things to help make my decision. First, I want the player who is likely to score more on a weekly basis. If you compare the two players on a per game average, A.J. Green scores 1.5 more points on average per game than Mike Evans does. That 1.5 points comes from an extra reception and 5 extra yards. The other factor is who has done it longer, and that is clearly Green.


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T.Y. Hilton vs. Dez Bryant

This is a decision between a PPR monster versus a touchdown monster. In different scoring formats, there may be a different decision that happens. While I could understand the desire to change your pick based on your league set-up, I still think the answer is very clear.


I would draft Dez Bryant over T.Y. Hilton in every league that I’m in, even if it’s a PPR league instead of a standard scoring league. Looking at non-rookie seasons where they played at least 15 games in the season, T.Y. Hilton actually has less receptions per season on average than Dez Bryant. Hilton does average 34 more yards per season than Bryant, but Bryant averages 13 touchdowns versus 6 for Hilton. It should be a no brainer to take Dez in this situation.


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Terrelle Pryor vs. Keenan Allen

I truly find this debate interesting. Terrelle Pryor has only had 1 actual year as a wide receiver in the NFL. Sure, he had a great year playing for the Cleveland Browns, which is not traditionally a sentence that is uttered. He is now with the Washington Redskins who has a quarterback that loves to throw the ball. It seems like taking Pryor would make sense over taking someone with potential injury concerns.


For me, this is a very easy decision. I would take Keenan Allen over Pryor and not even sweat about it. While Keenan Allen has only played 8.5 games since week 15 of the 2014 season, his numbers are great when he is on the field. Allen has had some bad luck with injuries, but they aren’t injuries that should be lingering. He lacerated his kidney in 2015 and tore his ACL in the first game of the 2016 season. Both injuries are healed and all reports are that he is looking like his old self. Philip Rivers likes to target him and I believe the majority of the targets will go his way.


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Alshon Jeffrey vs. Allen Robinson

They are the respective number one receivers for their teams after both the Eagles and Jaguars went through a make-over after last season. The Eagles added a lot of wide receivers and the Jaguars brought in Tom Coughlin to help revamp the offense. Both receivers should have a great year, but the decision is clear on who to draft.


When Alshon Jeffrey was the number two receiver for the Bears behind Brandon Marshall, he was a stud. He averaged 87 receptions for 1,277 yards and 9 touchdowns. Without Marshall, he struggled for production, and to even remain on the field. Allen Robinson has always been the number one option for the Jaguars since he entered the league. Over the last two seasons he has averaged 77 receptions for 1,142 yards and 10 touchdowns. He managed that while having terrible quarterback production from Blake Bortles last year. If it’s my turn and those are my two best options at wide receiver, Allen Robinson will be playing for my team in 2017.


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Jamison Crowder vs. Willie Snead

And now a situation of two wide receivers who are the #2 option for their team. Jamison Crowder was in line to be the starter this year until Pryor came to town and established himself in that role. Willie Snead was the third option for the Saints last year, and with the departure of Brandin Cooks will assume the role everyone thought he would have until Michael Thomas broke out.


Willie Snead would be my choice if these two were my best options and I needed to take a wide receiver. Even in a tertiary role for the Saint, Snead had 72 receptions for 895 yards and 4 touchdowns. Crowder also had impressive stats last year that he should be able to improve on this season, but I will take the player on the better overall offense.


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