Denver Broncos Fantasy Football Preview

A few years ago, every single offensive player on the Denver Broncos was someone you should have on your team. That was of course when Peyton Manning was running things. Since his departure, the Broncos have struggled to find their offensive footing. Luckily, they have a pretty great defense that will keep them in games throughout the season.


Must Draft Players

  • Demaryius Thomas – Wide Receiver


I don’t get why there is no love for Demaryius Thomas. All he does is go out and catch 98 passes for 1,374 yards on average over the last 5 seasons. I think what is stinging owners is that from 2012-2014 he was averaging 12 touchdowns a season, and in the last two seasons he has averaged only 6. Even at 6 touchdowns, he averages almost 17 points per game. He also has not missed a game in 5 seasons. If I could get him as my number one after taking two stud running backs I will probably have a tear fall down my face with how happy I am!


Players You Should Probably Be Drafting

  • C.J. Anderson – Running Back
  • Emmanuel Sanders – Wide Receiver


C.J. Anderson is the starting running back for a team that wants to grind the clock and win games with their defense. You would be foolish not to draft him over back-ups from other teams, as I have seen Tevin Coleman and Derrick Henry be drafted over him in some mock drafts. Does Anderson have injury concerns? Of course. However, he is very productive when he is on the field. He has never averaged less than 4 yards per carry and he scored at least 5 total touchdowns in the last 3 seasons. Signs are pointing towards at least a healthy start to the season. If nothing else, draft him and watch him have a great week 1 and then trade him before he gets hurt!


When Emmanuel Sanders arrived in Denver 3 seasons ago, he had 101 receptions for 1,404 yards and 9 touchdowns. In the last two seasons, his numbers have been more in the range that I see them being this season. He will be 78 receptions for 1,084 yards and 6 touchdowns again this season. That’s great for a number 2 receiver on anyone’s Fantasy Football team.


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Jamaal Charles – Running Back


He’s Jamaal freakin’ Charles! He has to be drafted even if he doesn’t see the field. You take him with your last pick, enjoy having the name for one week and then drop him if he doesn’t do anything.


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