Kansas City Chiefs Fantasy Football Preview

The Kansas City Chiefs are an anomaly for Fantasy Football owners. A team that is so good year after year fails to produce a lot of high quality options to choose from. Jamaal Charles was a dominant force for the Chiefs, and owners, during his prime with the team. Charles is now with the Broncos, and now the team will need to look at their current options for the next “work horse” for the team.


Must Draft Players

  • Travis Kelce – Tight End


Travis Kelce is the only player you will draft from the Chiefs and feel good about it. With an average of 75 receptions for 954 yards and 5 touchdowns per season in his 3 years in the league, you’ll be able to start Kelce and not have to worry about starting another one. He has played 16 games every year, and is the number one option for the team in the passing game. It’s somewhat of a steep price on draft day, but the rewards will be great!


Players You Should Probably Be Drafting

  • Spencer Ware – Running Back
  • Tyreek Hill – Wide Receiver


The Chiefs like to run the ball, A LOT. They also like to have a running back that can catch the ball as well. Spencer Ware is that running back. Last year when he was officially the starting running back, he had 921 rushing yards and 447 receiving yards off of 33 receptions. He also finished with 5 total touchdowns. He only played 14 games in 2016, but he averaged 14 points per game when he played. If the Chiefs hadn’t drafted a running back in the 3rd round, he would be a must draft player this year.


Tyreek Hill touched the ball 85 times last season. In those 85 touches, he had 860 total yards, which means he had about 11 yards per touch. He also scored 9 touchdowns, which means every 9 touches he scored a touchdown. With the departure of Jeremy Maclin in the offseason, Hill has been thrusted into the #1 role. It’s likely his touches will at least double, if not triple, in 2017, which makes him interesting as a number 2 receiver on my Fantasy Football team.


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Alex Smith – Quarterback
  • Kareem Hunt – Running Back


Alex Smith is as exciting as watching paint dry. He has a ceiling of 3,392 passing yards for 19 touchdowns, which is not great. His value increases by his rushing stats. He averages 329 rushing yards and an additional 2 rushing yards. Alex Smith is a fine #2 running back in a two quarterback league, but you can stream him when the match-up is juicy in a regular league.


Kareem Hunt was drafted in the 3rd round, and I believe he will be the starter for the team next year. For now, he will be the handcuff to Spencer Ware. If something happens to Ware, and his injury history could catch up to him, Hunt will be the running back to own.


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