Seattle Seahawks Fantasy Football Preview

The Seattle Seahawks are probably the favorite to win the NFC West this year, and it makes sense. Their defense is solid and the offensive weapons on the team will not only help the real team win, but it will help your Fantasy Football team win.


Must Draft Players

  • Russell Wilson – Quarterback
  • Doug Baldwin – Wide Receiver
  • Jimmy Graham – Tight End


The Seattle Seahawks made a great decision by deciding to start Russell Wilson in his rookie year. Since that time, he has brought the team the Super Bowl twice and has a ring to show for it. What has made him fantasy relevant is the stats he has averaged over his 5-year career. He averages 3,639 passing yards and 25 touchdowns each season. Sure, that’s a touch under 300 total fantasy points, but his legs also give him a fair amount of points. Wilson has averaged 538 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns, which when you combine all the stats together, he averages 23 points per game.


Doug Baldwin has gone from someone who at best was a flex option on a bye week to a wide receiver you start every week and feel confident in. In 2015, Baldwin exploded for 78 receptions for 1,069 yards and 14 touchdowns. 2016 was closer to what Baldwin actually is for a receiver in my opinion where he had 94 receptions for 1,128 yards and 7 touchdowns. He averaged 1.2 points less in 2016, but when a player you’ll get as your number two receiver scores you 15.6 points per week, you’ll take that all day!


Most people did not believe that Jimmy Graham would ever play again after his patella injury, let alone have a great year in Fantasy Football. While he came nowhere near his production that he has had with Drew Brees, he still managed 65 receptions for 923 yards and 6 touchdowns. This is from a team that would prefer to run the ball and win the game with their defense. When a tight end averages 12 points a game, you only need to draft him and find someone to fill in on their bye week.


Players You Should Probably Draft

  • Eddie Lacy – Running Back
  • Thomas Rawls – Running Back
  • J. Prosise – Running Back
  • Tyler Lockett – Wide Receiver


As I stated above, the Seahawks love to run the ball. Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls or C.J. Prosise will end up being a very relevant Fantasy Football starter this season, it will all depend on who can stay on the field in my opinion. The Seahawks brought Lacy into Seattle because there have to be concerns about Rawls’ injury history. Both Lacy and Rawls are similar types of running backs, big bodied bruisers for 1st and 2nd downs. Prosise is more of a 3rd down pass catching option for the team, but also rushed for 5.7 a carry last season. None of these running backs are being taken before the 7th round, and Rawls is being taken 3rd of the three in the 11th round. There is value to be had, but we won’t know until midseason as to who is the best value.


Tyler Lockett has averaged 46 receptions for 631 yards in two seasons with the Seahawks. His touchdown numbers have fluctuated from 6 in 2015 to 1 in 2016. My gut tells me that Lockett is going to be the second option for the Seahawks, and he’s also going to be used some in the running game while they figure out who their lead back is. Lockett should be drafted, and his draft price of the 14th round makes him a great sleeper/flyer!


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Jermaine Kearse – Wide Receiver


In the event that Lockett doesn’t pan out, the Seahawks need another wide receiver to step up, and everything points to that being Jermaine Kearse. He’s not being drafted, and you can wait to get him off the waiver wire.


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