San Francisco 49ers Fantasy Football Preview

Continuing with teams with hardly any Fantasy Football relevance, the San Francisco 49ers are a team where it’s likely I won’t draft anyone. I like that Kyle Shanahan has taken over as the head coach, but he’s a couple of years away from having a team that is relevant for Fantasy Football owners.


Must Draft Players

  • Pierre Garcon – Wide Receiver


Pierre Garcon is the only player on the 49ers that I would want if I end up drafting someone from their team. What is really enticing about him is his career year (2013) of 113 receptions for 1,346 yards and 5 touchdowns was when Kyle Shanahan was the offensive coordinator for the Redskins. In the last 3 seasons, he has averaged 73 receptions for 857 yards and 4 touchdowns. I think that will easily be Garcon’s floor this season, with the upside of his 2013 season.


Players You Should Probably Draft

  • Carlos Hyde – Running Back


Carlos Hyde is the someone who is amazing the first game of the season and then is terrible for the rest of it. In 2015 he played 7 games, and had 470 yards and 3 touchdowns. In game one, he had 168 of those yards and 2 of the touchdowns. In 2016, the yards were better over the 13 games he played, but he scored 2 of his 6 touchdowns in week 1. The biggest problem with Hyde is that he’s injury prone. It is why they drafted Joe Williams (more on him below) because they can’t trust him.


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Brian Hoyer – Quarterback
  • Joe Williams – Running Back
  • Jeremy Kerley – Wide Receiver


Brian Hoyer is an interesting quarterback for the upcoming season. He has played for 5 different teams before signing with San Francisco, and had success while he played in Cleveland and Houston. Hoyer would have likely had a great year in Chicago last season had he not been injured. In reality, Hoyer is a bridge quarterback before Kirk Cousins signs with the 49ers next year, but he could have weeks of great Fantasy Football relevance for owners who stream him.


Joe Williams was brought in because the organization can’t trust Hyde. Williams is someone you should be able to take with your last pick before kickers and defenses, and he could return great value given what Kyle Shanahan has done with running backs in the past (like Alfred Morris, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman).


Pierre Garcon can’t be the only person to catch passes this year, and Jeremy Kerley could fill the #2 receiver role. He is likely not worth drafting, but keep an eye on him.


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