Dallas Cowboys Fantasy Football Preview

The Dallas Cowboys have a wealth of Fantasy Football options this year. They are also a team that is going to be pushing for the playoffs again and hope to make the Super Bowl. Their team was really young last year, and their Quarterback didn’t even know he was going to be the starter until week 4 of the preseason, so he didn’t have the “normal” prep time that he will have this year.


Must Draft Players

  • Ezekiel Elliott – Running Back
  • Dez Bryant – Wide Receiver


The hype for Ezekiel Elliott last season was out of control, and it turned out to be more than hype! Almost 2,000 total yards and 16 touchdowns later, Ezekiel Elliott proved he is the real deal. He also didn’t play the last game of the season so it’s likely he would have eclipsed 2,000 total yards and scored more touchdowns. The only issue with Elliott from last year is that he was not as involved in the passing game like Le’Veon Bell and David Johnson were. At the time that I am writing this article, Elliott is potentially facing a 1 or 2 game suspension for legal issues. When you average 22 points per game, it doesn’t matter that you could miss games, you still need to be drafted in the top 5!


Dez Bryant has been a victim of a foot injury and a change at quarterback in the last two years. Prior to that, from 2012-2014, he averaged 91 receptions for 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns. This just shows that with the right chemistry with his quarterback, Bryant can be a dominant receiver. Enter the last 3 games (including the playoffs) that Dez and Dak Prescott played together, and Bryant averaged 7 receptions for 95 yards and a touchdown. Assuming that the connect grows stronger during the offseason, which I believe it will, Dez is going to be a steal for owners in their draft.


Players That Should Probably Be Drafted

  • Dak Prescott – Quarterback
  • Cole Beasley – Wide Receiver
  • Jason Witten – Tight End


Quick story. I was in the middle of my draft when I received a notification that Tony Romo was going to miss at least 10 games and that Dak Prescott would be the starter. It was literally my pick in the 15th round and I took Dak. Best decision I made during the draft. While he started out slow, he finished with a great stat line of 3,667 yards and 23 touchdowns. What really helped his value was the 282 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns. I think that Prescott will have similar rushing numbers, but his passing touchdowns are going to increase in conjunction with Dez Bryant returning to his dominant form.


Cole Beasley and Dak Prescott developed a connection that helped Beasley have a career year in receptions and receiving yards, while matching his career touchdown total. When Ezekiel Elliott isn’t rushing 2-3 yards for the first down because defenses have stacked the box, a quick pass to Beasley will be what Prescott does. I think especially in a PPR he is going to be a flex worthy option every week.


Jason Witten is a quality tight end that will be a consistent presence for your team each week. He is not going to win the week for you, but he’s not going to be the reason you lost either. He has averaged 11 fantasy points a game for the last 4 years. He is currently being drafted in the 14th round, SIGN ME UP!


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Darren McFadden – Running Back
  • Alfred Morris – Running Back
  • Terrance Williams – Wide Receiver


If Ezekiel Elliott is suspended, or gets hurt at some point during the season, Darren McFadden will be the 3rd down back and Alfred Morris will take 1st and 2nd downs. If Elliott is on the field, neither McFadden or Morris need to be drafted.


Terrance Williams is only relevant if Dez Bryant is not playing. Even without Bryant, Williams has not been effective. In the last two seasons where Bryant has missed significant time, he has averaged 48 receptions for 717 yards and 3.5 touchdowns. He’s only worth drafting in deep leagues.


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