Miami Dolphins Fantasy Football Preview

In 2016, Adam Gase took over as the Miami Dolphins head coach and everyone touted that the Dolphins would have one of the best offenses in football. Gase had done wonders in Denver as the offensive coordinator, so it would make sense, right? Well, the Dolphins offense was pretty good, but didn’t meet the expectations everyone had for them. In 2017, with the same core offense they had last season, the Adam Gase led Dolphins should be a lot better on offense.


Must Draft Players

  • Jay Ajayi – Running Back
  • Jarvis Landry – Wide Receiver


I made the mistake last year of dropping Jay Ajayi after week one because he didn’t even travel with the team. I had taken both Arian Foster and Ajayi in my league of record and dropped Ajayi thinking the reigns would be handed to Foster. Then Foster retired and another member of my league had picked Ajayi up from waivers. I had to sit and watch Ajayi rush for almost 1,300 yards and 8 touchdowns. He also had an 80% catch percentage even though he was used sparingly in the passing game. You could argue that Jay Ajayi should be a first-round pick behind the top 4 running backs, and the case can be made given he is really the only show in town. I don’t see any reason why he can’t repeat his rushing performance, and potentially become more active in the passing game.


Jarvis Landry is a PPR machine. In the two seasons since his rookie year he has averaged 102 receptions and 1,147 receiving yards. That gives him an average of 14 points per game in PPR. His biggest weakness is that he doesn’t score touchdowns. He has scored 13 touchdowns over his 3-year career. That is one less touchdown than Jordy Nelson scored last season alone. If he gets targeted more in the red zone, Landry would be in discussions as a top option in the passing game.


Players You Should Probably Be Drafting

  • Ryan Tannehill
  • DeVante Parker
  • Julius Thomas


The converted quarterback from wide receiver has been really good for the Dolphins. Ryan Tannehill has been doing what he needs to do for his team each season. An injury at the end of the season last year prevented him from finishing close to where he had been finishing for the previous 3 seasons. From 2013-2015, Tannehill averaged 4,055 passing yards and 25 passing touchdowns. For Fantasy Football owners, that puts him at about 20 points a game. For someone you can draft in the 14th round, you could do worse for a starting quarterback on your team.


Everyone is already touting DeVante Parker as a 3rd year break out at the wide receiver position. Last season he doubled the amount of receptions he had, but didn’t drastically improve on his yards and touchdowns. He only has room to grow this season.


I love Julius Thomas this year. Why is that? Because he’s being reunited with Adam Gase, who understood how to use Thomas while they were together in Denver. In the two years they worked together, Thomas averaged 54 receptions for 639 yards and 12 touchdowns. That good enough for a 12 point per game average. If I’m getting 12 points a week from my tight end, and from one that I can draft super late, you can send me the Fantasy Football championship now!


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Kenyan Drake – Running Back
  • Kenny Stills – Wide Receiver


I only like Kenyan Drake if Jay Ajayi gets hurt. He only touched the ball 42 times last year, which makes sense since considering Ajayi touched it almost 300 times. He did have a 5.3 yards per touch average last season. In the event Ajayi goes down, Drake could step up and be effective.


Kenny Stills had a nose for the end zone last year, but that’s all he had. He had 42 receptions for 726 yards to go with the 9 touchdowns he scored. I don’t think he is going to be able to mirror the touchdowns this season, which means you need to have a deep roster and the ability to wait and see if you plan on drafting him.


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