Detroit Lions Fantasy Football Preview

The Detroit Lions are a team that perplex me. You have a great quarterback who loves to throw the ball, an improved offensive line to hopefully help establish a running game, and pass catchers who should be scoring a ton of points each week. It just doesn’t make sense that the Lions are not a sexier pick for Fantasy Football owners.


Must Draft Players

  • Matthew Stafford – Quarterback
  • Theo Riddick – Running Back
  • Golden Tate – Wide Receiver


Matthew Stafford has proven that he can be an elite option in the passing game. In the last 6 seasons, in which he has played every game, he averages 20 points per game for Fantasy Football owners. He does this by passing for an average of 4,584 yards a season and throwing 28 touchdowns. The knock against Stafford is that he averages 15 interceptions a season, so you can pretty much bank on a touchdown and an interception in every game he plays to go with about 300 passing yards. What’s also great is that he doesn’t cost you a lot as he is being drafted in the 11th round currently. Depending on what happens during the preseason, my guess is he will still be a value in the 10th round.


Theo Riddick has proven that he is a must draft running back, especially in PPR. In 2015 when he played a full 16 games he had 80 receptions, which was the most by a running back that year. When Stafford likes to throw the ball a lot, it helps if you’re a pass catching running back. Riddick had some injury concerns last season, but looks like he should be able to be healthy and will remain at least the third down back for the Lions.


Golden Tate signed with the Lions in 2014 to play opposite of Calvin Johnson. Since he signed with the team he has proven that he could be a solid number two for the team, with upside as a one. In his three seasons with the Lions he has averaged 93 receptions for 1,074 yards and 5 touchdowns each season. That is 14.4 points per game for someone that you can get as a number two receiver for your Fantasy Football team. If you’re me and like to draft running backs early, you could have Golden Tate as your number one receiver with production like that!


Players You Should Probably Draft

  • Ameer Abdullah – Running Back
  • Eric Ebron – Wide Receiver


The talk in Detroit is that Ameer Abdullah is set to break out this season. He can’t do any worse than he has for the last two seasons. He was hurt for the majority of 2016, but he did nothing but disappoint owners who thought his one preseason game of excellence would transfer into the regular season. He did have 680 total yards and 3 touchdowns in his rookie season. He did average about 80 total yards a game and half a touchdown in the two games he played last year. If you take that across the whole season he’d have 1,280 total yards and 8 touchdowns!


All the experts said that last year was going to be the breakout for Eric Ebron, and boy were they wrong! 61 receptions and 711 yards for a tight end isn’t bad, but he scored 2 touchdowns, and one was a rushing touchdown. When Calvin Johnson retired, Ebron was supposed to be the red zone target that Calvin was, but it didn’t materialize. I think that Ebron could repeat the stat line he had, and I think the touchdowns will happen this year, somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-7.


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • Marvin Jones – Wide Receiver


Marvin Jones looked like he was taking over as the number one receiver for the Lions. In weeks 2 and 3 he averaged 7 receptions for 162 yards and a touchdown. Then he reverted back to the Marvin Jones we knew and loved from the Bengals. Jones is a guy who will average 57 receptions for 819 yards and 6 touchdowns, but the bulk of the production will come in a few games. He’s a late round flyer that could help during bye weeks in my opinion.


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