Buffalo Bills Fantasy Football Preview

I was very surprised when I looked at the roster for the Buffalo Bills. I had expected to find several players that should be on Fantasy Football teams this year. What I found is that there is not large quantity of players to draft, but the quality is very high.


Must Draft Players

  • LeSean McCoy – Running Back
  • Sammy Watkins – Wide Receivers


LeSean McCoy is a stud, period. I understand the big three running backs are Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliott, but McCoy could easily be the 3rd running back taken in drafts. Since his sophomore season, if he plays in at least 15 games during the season (5 of 8 seasons) he averages 1,707 total yards, 51 receptions and 12 total touchdowns. Potential McCoy owners for this season rejoiced when Mike Gillislee was signed by the New England Patriots this offseason. Between the two of them they touched the ball almost 400 times during the season. What owners from last season really hated was that Gillislee had 9 touchdowns last season, including 8 rushing touchdowns. This year it’s likely McCoy could see an increase in his touches and touchdowns, which will make him worthy to be at least the 4th running back off the board.


If Sammy Watkins could stay healthy he would likely be one of the top 5 wide receivers taken in drafts this season. The last two seasons he has been battling injuries, including a foot injury that caused him to miss half the season and render him useless in the games he actually played. The reports are that he is healthy and running with the starters. If he is truly healthy, I believe he can have 1,400 receiving yards on 80 receptions for about 10 touchdowns.


Players That Should Probably Be Drafted

  • Tyrod Taylor – Quarterback
  • Charles Clay – Tight End


People laughed at Rex Ryan for bringing Tyrod Taylor to the Bills two seasons ago, but the laughter quickly turned into “Oohs” as Taylor showed that he has the ability to be a starting quarterback in the league. In the two seasons with Buffalo he has averaged 3,029 passing yards and 19 touchdowns. In addition to those numbers, Taylor is an effective runner. His average of 574 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns give him a nice floor each week before he starts passing the ball.


Charles Clay will win you weeks in Fantasy Football, but he will also lose you weeks. For every game he has 8 receptions for 100 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns, he’ll have 2 games where he has 2 catches for 10 yards and no touchdowns. Even with that potential “crap-fest” on a given week, he still offers more upside than a lot of other tight ends in the league and should be drafted.


Players You Could Draft If Your Rosters are Deep

  • N/A


There are too many variables to draft anyone else from the Bills. There are a lot of unproven players on the roster and I will just leave them alone until someone steps up.


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